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Car wraping for AGRIKO data: 2017-04-25
Car wraping for AGRIKO

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Large format printing is performed on:
securities - bbs, WBC, citylights, poster
self adhesive films - monomer, polymer, cast film, OWV (window), flock (for printing on materials), reflective
banners - laminated, coated, black-out, backlight, tilt Car
mesh - mesh
Canvas art - canvas
The width of the media used:
Simple film - 105, 137, 160, 200 cm
film effusive - 137 cm
banners - 107, 137, 160, 180, 220, 250, 320 cm
OWV - 137 cm
grid mesh - 220, 320 cm
BBS - 137 cm
WBS - 106, 137 cm
wallpaper - 135 cm
canvas - 125 cm
We are also developing new media for printing. If a material is not listed, please contact us.
Liquid Lamination:
Liquid Lamination is performed on a machine with a width of 330 cm. The device we use mainly for protection:
tarpaulins, long exposure banner, wallpaper and foil boards. Because the service is very cheap our customers entrust us to:
securing automotive transparencies. Note that the laminate layer is slightly thinner than the lamination constant and is about 30 microns.
Lamination fixed:
The continuous lamination using superior equipment Kala Mistral French width 1650 mm. The device has a first-class parameters, allowing secure without loss of output from roll to roll.
Plotter cutting the film:
The use of film cutting plotter Graphtec Japan FC 7000. Construction companies are the leaders in this segment of the services, and FC series provides the best performance possible. Plotter can cut the film width up to 1300 mm (width of the material to 1370 mm). Plotter has OPOS (Optical Mark Sensing System), which allows to cut complex shapes to previously printed film.
 All the machines in our company can be seen in the "park Machine" -
To obtain information on the operation, please contact us at email: or phone +48 504 044 267.